Villages and hinterland

The beautiful area of Montefeltro full of fortresses and castles, such as the Fortress of San Leo, a beautiful medieval village situated on top of a rocky spur.

Gradara (PU), a small village on the border between the Marche and Emilia Romagna, with its fortress and the story of Paolo and Francesca, described by Dante in the Divine Comedy’s Inferno.

Montegridolfo, a small restored village, a true open-air museum, with the San Rocco church and the Beata VerginedelleGrazie Sanctuary, rich in sacred art.

Saludecio, a small village surrounded by its typically Renaissance ancient walls, famous for the 19th century Festival, a costume party that involves the whole village.

Pennabilli, of ancient origins, rich in archaeological remains and home of the poet and Maestro Tonino Guerra who left many of his works here. Must see: Luoghidell’anima, a widespread museum that comes from the mind and the hand of Tonino Guerra.