William G Congdon

Un’articolo racconta la collezione esposta nella Hall


L’esposizione delle opere del pittore William G Congdon esposte nella hall e negli spazi comuni dell’Hotel è stata visitata da una giornalista in occasione del Meeting di Rimini ed è stata recensita sulla rivista on line il Sussidiario.net .

Ecco un piccolo estratto:

“The Meeting for Friendship among Peoples at Rimini, which just concluded its 32nd annual session, has been a place for fruitful personal encounters since its beginning in 1980.  The American artist William Congdon was one of the participants at the inauguration of the Meeting that year. 


Edoardo’s collection started when his father commemorated the birth of his each of his three children with a personal Congdon painting.  From the time he was young, he recalled knowing that along with his toys a certain picture belonged to him, and it was considered a special heritage.  Later he started to collect more Congdon paintings, sometimes trading for new ones.  His current collection, featured here, offers a wide representation of the artist’s production from different periods of his life and the places he visited.”

Ecco l’articolo sul Sussidiario.net

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